Connect WiFi to DigiDisplay

Exit screen mode

DigiDisplay will always boot up into the screen mode, to get out of this mode press ALT+F4 on your keyboard

Click WiFi settings

Top right on the screen there is an icon, click this icon
-> Then click 'Wi-Fi Not Connected
-> Then click 'Select Network'

Choose your network

Find your network in the list
-> Click on your network name
-> Then click 'Connect'

Enter your Password

Fill in your password for your WiFi network
-> Then click 'Connect'

Confirm Connection

After it is connected you will confirm it is connected with a solid white WiFi icon

Restart Screen

The easiest and best way to restart the screen is to restart the computer
-> Top right click the power icon 
-> Choose 'RESTART'
-> Click 'RESTART'

After the computer restarts the screen with your digital signage images will automatically display